How to Avoid Them and 3 Common Moving Mistakes

It’s no surprise that moving is one of the most stressful life events. From packing all your belongings into boxes to researching your new neighborhood, the stress and anxiety that moving can cause are enough to leave you wondering if it’s worth it.

However, knowing how to move can help you avoid the stress associated with moving. You’ll feel like a pro by staying organized and planning ahead.

If you want to avoid the most common moving mistakes, keep reading for some of the best hacks.

1. Waiting Too Long to Plan

Remember all those times in school when you waited too long to study? You likely stressed yourself out trying to cram all the material the day before the exam.

Moving is the same way! If you wait too long to plan your move, it can not only stress you out, but it can limit your moving options. You may not be able to secure the best home moving services, calculate the cost of moving, or find help to move boxes in and out.

Similarly, waiting too long to start planning can leave you scrambling to accomplish all your tasks. Disorganization can add even more stress to your move! Creating a residential move checklist can help you stay on top of your tasks.

2. Throwing Things Into Boxes Randomly

Not knowing where to start when packing for moves is one of the biggest mistakes that people make. This can make unpacking a nightmare and can even damage your belongings.

One of the best tips is to pack one room at a time. Many people opt to put all the picture frames or decor items in their home in one box, as This helps ensure that you can put boxes in their designated room. However, this can be a hassle as you can forget which item went in which room.

Another tip is to create a list of everything you’re replacing in the box. This can help you easily locate what items are in a box, preventing you from digging through your boxes to find what you’re looking for.

3. Forgetting to Switch Your Utilities

Finally, one of the most expensive mistakes you can make when moving is forgetting to switch over your utilities!

Calling your providers in advance to shut off your water, electricity, and gas on move-out day can help save you a pricey bill down the line.

Similarly, ensuring that you switch your utilities to your new address can keep you comfortable in your new home. After all, the last thing you want when arriving at your new home is being unable to use the bathroom!

Avoid These Common Moving Mistakes to Make Your Move a Breeze

Unfortunately, inconveniences are bound to happen. Luckily, these tips can help you make your long-distance move goes smoothly, as you can explore your options for movers and switching medical records.

Remember, you’ll want to endure that you focus on the happy parts of moving! Don’t be afraid to celebrate the new chapter in your life.

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