IAS Officer Tina Dabi with husband Pradeep Gawande marriage and reception ceremony attend with their close relatives 15-20 people as guests.  Both of their relatives share happy moments from their wedding ceremony.  In social media, the couple’s wedding pictures are all over there and trendy.  The wedding couple matches their outfits with maroon color in the reception party. everywhere news spread that they both are getting married on 20th April. According to sources, the couple finally got married on 22th April.

IAS Officer Tina Dabi with Husband Pradeep

As we can see in the picture Tina and Pradeep knot on 22th april 2022 (friday). Tina looked

gorgeous in wearing maroon lengha. Pradeep matched his sherwani with the same color maroon in wedding pictures. IAS Tina and Pradeep alltend their reception at a plush hotel in Jaipur with limited closed guests.

Pradeep and Tina Dabi’s love story looks like a film love story.  Tina and Pradeep met in 2016 Rajasthan during the Covid-19 pandemic where they performed their IAS duties. They were tasked with ensuring supplies where both of them journey started with friendship. After that both of them become good friends when they work together. After that their friendship takes the next step to love. Now the couple find their destination.

These days Tina Dabi fulfills her duties and works as a joint secretary in the finance department of Rajasthan. Pradeep Gawande is a senior IAS officer now serving as the Director of the Department of Archaeology and Museum, Rajasthan.

The couple’s marriage ceremony theme is based on white color. Tina looked pretty in white and golden sari. She wears Gajra in her hair. Pradeep is also wearing white kurta-pajamas. As per sources, that is Tina Dabi Second marriage. Her ex husband is IAS Athar Aamir Khan. Tina and her ex-husband have issues so they both separate their paths and divorced. The Ex couple made headlines when they talked about their relationship on social media after that news was everywhere. The ex couple at Pahalgam in Jammu and Kashmir got married in 2018 and finally got divorced in August 2021

IAS Officer Tina Dabi with Husband Pradeep Reception pics go viral

Tina and Pradeep’s marriage is attended by a good friend Raj Patil who works as an advocate in the Supreme Court. The reception party’s venue was also in Rajasthan on 22 April.

As per Report, IAS officer Tina Dabi got first rank in civil service exams in 2015 while Dr. Pradeep Gawande was in the 2013 batch of IAS officers. The couple works together to apply to many Govt. sceams for the public. As per report, Dr Pradeep Gawande proposed to Tina Dabi during pandemic time.

As per report, The first Dalit Tina Dabi got the first position in the Indian Civil Service Examination. Tina cleared in her first attempt at the India topmost exam. Her sister Rai also cleared the Indian Civil Service Examination (UPSC) with 15th Rank in 2020. Dr Pradeep Gawande has three years more experience and senior to Tina Dabi. In the wedding ceremony, the newly wed couple share their happy moment in front of a photograph of Dalit leader BR Ambedkar.

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