Why And Where We Still Need To Wear Mask In Some Places

Some slightest places, when we almost done with them, but the masks are back. As we know in COVID-19 cases, the masks are mandatory to wear but after some relaxation of COVID-19 we just ignore to wear mask. But when COVID-19 cases are comes back with highly infections Omicron variant in January, masks are again mandatory to wear.

In recent weeks, new cases caused by a new highly Omicron subvariant have some places like Schools, Universities, and some communities’ sections of the country.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Health Organizations are extended the rules of wearing masks in some places like Trains, Buses, Airplanes and in crowded areas etc.

In foreign countries like Unites States also have some COVID cases in few weeks. A number of schools and universities are also back to their masks in US.

Hospitals and Other healthcare facilities are begin to avoid wear masks but the arrival of Omicron subvariant the COVID-19 pandemic again begin.

So, at the end of the decision the government has begin the rules again i.e., Wear the masks in public places and crowded areas etc. And it is law and mandatory to wear masks.

So, according to the CDC, people have to be continued wear masks if they are in highly infected COVID-19 areas of numbers. If peoples are highly serious for their health’s then they have to be worn masks. If some peoples are already infected by other disease like asthma or heart attacks, so that peoples have to be continued wear masks in any places.

So, in order to safe to our lives we have to be do some worthy things.

For example, wear masks in public places, maintain social distancing from other peoples, do sanitize your hands properly and eat some healthy food like green vegetables, fruits and some healthy juices etc.

COVID-19 spreads when people speak then they release some droplets and particles into the air and also when peoples sing, cough, sneeze or even breathe COVID-19 spreads out. So, here In this kind of situations masks are consequently helpful to preventing people from the disease or inhaling the particles and droplets that are present in that area.

The little children and old people are the highly infected by COVID-19. So, this aged people have some more seriousness into their health. Because this cause their health issues.

So, we have to insured that we all have vaccinated with two doses of COVID-19 vaccine which will protect us by infecting of COVID-19 and their subvariant Omicron as well. And we should make our immunity strong and do needful exercise to maintain ourself healthy and wealthy.

So, we have to be stay safe and stay healthy and also have to make our country safe as well.

So, we have to be done all the needful thing that will protect us from COVID-19. And also remember to wear masks and do sanitization of our hands and make some distancing in public areas to protect ourselves and other people’s selves as well.

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