The reports revealthat the ruler was suffering from pneumonia and Health Care has to make use of breathing tubes for short span of time period. The authorities also revealthat he will be taking rest for a week along with his medical course. At the King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh under the surveillance of local doctors.

It is expecttendency of gulf leaders to opt for foreign medical treatment rather than preferring their own nation. Some of the instances are King Abdullah himself and Sultan Qaboos of Oman to prefer Morocco and Germany respectively
But this current decision of the ruler has set a patronage alarm to consider health care sector of the kingdom.

The case of malfunctioning of MERS Health Care

The nation has recently obtaina non positive perusal in the field due to eruption of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) during which eruption has been found in 11 MERS including two health workers in the cases. As a result King Fahd Hospital had been terminatfor a week.

The act didn’t haltthere but also culminatwhen the entire department has been dismissand replacwithout any corruptstaff. The health minister had also been expelland replacement has been callfor in Saudi and Swedish research experts. This is to examine and study the health systems that will be introducin health care system in is short period.

Budgets, Figures and planning of health care sector:

This movement to advance the health facilities of the nation is not rumor or myth. But this has been seriously taken by the government which encouragsources to advance the health sector instead of budget losses due to decrease in oil prices in the year of 2011.The budget plan of 2015 is expectto have a plan of about SR860bn ($229.3bn) in the direction of education and health as the strong beam in the same direction. Thus government is concentrating truly to improve and advance the medical needs which are quite clear from the figures. Also this investment is about 44 percent of the total budget of the year. Similarly health and social affairs occupy 18.6 percent of the share in the budget plan of 2015 and is assumto have hikof all the other plans by the government to rise by 48 percent on every year up to SR160bn ($42.7bn).

Adding amazement to Health Care all this:

The announcements of 27 new hospitals and health care centers in addition. To 117 extending construction of hospitals, establishment of about eight medical cities have no bounds. Last year 4500 bservices has been extendin hospital construction. It is expectthat by the end of construction of all the projects of huge health service centers and hospitals there will be more than 24000 bservices in the country capital.

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